Brexit Mortgage Rates

As the Brexit storm continues on, it’s no surprise that those of us with mortgages are more uncertain than ever as to what we need to do for the best to secure the best Brexit mortgage rates. With Brexit having an impact on the greatest expense many of us have, it’s important to be mindful of Britain’s position as it could cost or save you thousands of pounds.

Should we stay, or should we go now?

The question on everyone’s lips in terms of Brexit is what will happen next, but if you are putting your own house move or property purchase on hold because you aren’t sure what is around the corner, then you could be waiting a while.

It’s not a bad time to move or get a new mortgage, if you have a deposit saved up and have found a house that is right for you.

Seek mortgage certainty in uncertain times

The one thing we do know when it comes to mortgages is that with a five-year fixed rate mortgage, you know exactly what you will be repaying in mortgage costs for the next five years. With rates still hovering just above an historic all-time low, they are far more likely to rise than they are to fall, with a rise predicted before 2018 is out. We could even see a double rise next year, so if you are due to remortgage, mortgage or buy-to-let then be sure to get the right advice for you.

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