With its low rents, high wages and low crime rates, Edinburgh has been hailed the UK’s best big city to live in, by MoneySupermarket. Beating last year’s winner, Cardiff to the top spot, it’s been revealed that residents of the Scottish capital enjoy the highest take-home pay in the UK, outside of London. Average rents account for 52% of resident’s annual salary, compared to up to 93% of Londoners.

Out of 138 cities, Belfast and Cardiff sit in second and third place respectively. Low unemployment rates and house price affordability in all of the top 3 cities contribute significantly to their desirability.

So, is now a good time to buy a house as a junior doctor living in Edinburgh? It appears that Edinburgh’s desirability and excellent standards of living are not set to waiver anytime soon.

With annual salaries higher than the average, junior doctors in theory should be experiencing a better quality of life than their corporate counterparts. With Edinburgh house prices not running away with themselves, junior doctors are well placed to get themselves on the first-time property ladder in this popular city.

Edinburgh’s beautiful architecture, thriving cultural scene and green spaces wins many a student over. With improved high speed rail links proposed for future years, the distance from the South that puts many off putting roots down in Scotland, could soon become insignificant.

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