We can source mortgages for practice partners who have been in post for less than a year.

If you have recently joined as a practice partner, then you are now self employed which can make mortgage applications tricky, if you don’t talk to a medical mortgage advisor. Typically, if you don’t have at least two years of properly audited accounts, you will be turned down by nearly every lender.

Mortgages For GPs

Our experienced team can help get you the mortgage you need, even if you only have your new GP contract to hand. We regularly assist GPs who don’t have years’ worth of accounts to their name. Joining a practice often comes at a time when important property decisions have to be made, but most high street lenders can make the situation even more difficult when they won’t give you the mortgage you need because you are newly self employed.

We work with mortgage lenders who will take the practice track record into consideration and factor in any long standing relationship you may have with the practice. This approach is a breath of fresh air for GP partners who have exhausted high street lenders looking for a mortgage solution.

If you are looking for a means to fund a new private practice or buy into an existing practice, then you may be looking into remortgage options. Whatever your mortgage requirements, we can find a solution for you when you need it. As a medic, there is a rarely an off the shelf product that fits your individual needs.

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