Since the shake up that was the Mortgage Market Review in 2014, the mortgage application process has become very long winded. But it doesn’t need to be, if you approach the right lender. Here’s how to get your mortgage application moving in minutes.

Doctors Mortgages Online have been operating to post Mortgage Market Review criteria for years before it came into play. Streamlined processes and established relationships with specialist lenders have been in place for a long time, and as a result we have managed to reduce the average client contact time during a typical mortgage application process to under an hour in total. We also have no reason to meet with a mortgage applicant, face-to-face, unless requested.

Compare this to high street lender protocol and you’ll see a huge difference in the amount of time you’ll have to spend attending interviews and providing information. So, as a medical professional, it pays to ask yourself, do you have the time to go direct to the lender?