Mortgage & Financial Investment Advice For Doctors & Medical Professionals

As a doctor, your time is valuable.

Long hours and unsociable shift patterns can make it difficult to search for a mortgage as it is, without facing the realisation that high street lenders understand very little about the nuances of the medical profession. High levels of student debt accrued while training, short contracts while on rotation, and complex income streams, are all typical attributes for those in the medical profession, yet for many high street lenders, they act as a disadvantage to securing a mortgage.

Inexperienced High Street Lenders

Without any knowledge of the complexities of the medical profession, typical high street mortgage lenders can inadvertently give you misinformation regarding your mortgage application. In some cases, this can even result in a rejected application. When doctor’s wages are higher than average earnings, securing a mortgage should be simple, and with us it can be.

Rather than waste your time explaining your situation and career to every new broker, you need to work with our specialist mortgage brokers who understand the medical profession implicitly and are experts in securing mortgages for doctors.

We have developed strong relationships with our lenders, enabling us to access preferential rates and terms for our medical professionals. Our lenders understand the complexities relating to roles within the medical profession, and at certain lenders, we have dedicated underwriters looking at our cases, ensuring you benefit from a smoother application process.

We will consider your earning potential as well as any additional income streams, and if required, we can source mortgages of up to 5.5 times your income. As experts in sourcing mortgages for doctors in every stage of their career, our lenders make offers that reflect the nature of a doctor’s work and lifestyle.

Whether you’re a Junior Doctor on rotation, a self-employed Locum, a new GP yet to work a full year, or a Consultant looking to invest in a practice, trust us to help you find the right mortgage. For doctors who want to remortgage; relocate; buy to let; or are first-time buyers, our experts can ensure the process runs smoothly, is hassle-free and requires a minimal amount of your time.

Experienced Medical Mortgage Providers

With over 20 years of experience sourcing mortgages for doctors, we understand the nuances of roles within the medical profession. Our mortgage brokers work around you to secure the mortgage you’re looking for.

We won’t ever require face to face meetings (unless you request one). Instead, all communication will be carried out via email or telephone call. To minimise disruption to your daily routine, we’ll only contact you when you’re available to talk, and we’ll only ever ask you to provide essential information.

Easy Application Process

You won’t need to fill out reams of paperwork, break down your pay structure, or explain what it means to be an F1. You’ll never have to justify your short contracts, explain why you’ve moved to be closer to your placement or why you lived in shared accommodation.

If you’re concerned about a bad credit score due to multiple house moves, worried about your financial health or anxious about how much you can borrow, we’ll help ensure you’re in the best position to secure the mortgage that’s right for you. We’ll advise you on the right course of action, and whenever possible, act independently on your behalf.

Our experienced advisors are only a phone call away. Give us a call on 01656 332 600.

If you can’t talk now, get in touch via our contact form and we’ll call back to discuss your personal mortgage requirements at a convenient time.

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