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Using a specialist broker with medical professional experience can make a difference to the success of your mortgage application. Whether you are buying, investing, letting or remortgaging we can source a mortgage at a rate to suit you.

High street lenders can become confused when dealing with banded remuneration packages, and this can result in a misrepresentation of your gross income and cause them to grant a lesser mortgage. They can often mistake employment contracts for temporary work which also create unnecessary time delays, or worse, an unsuccessful application. We have worked hard to build trusted relationships with specialist healthcare lenders who are well versed in arranging mortgages for doctors.

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As a medical professional, you understand the importance of specialists more than most. So when it comes to getting a doctors’ mortgage, you need a mortgage broker who understands the ins-and-outs of a doctors’ income structure. Someone who can access bespoke deals on your behalf so you don’t waste valuable time trying to explain your situation repeatedly to anyone who’ll listen. Someone who will provide you with answers promptly, without the need for a face-to-face meeting. Contact a Doctors Mortgages Online broker today and put your mortgage needs in the hands of a specialist mortgage lending professional.

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A mortgage for every stage of your career

Buying a property needn’t be governed by where you are on the medical career ladder. Whether you’ve just qualified or have been locuming for only a few months, we can access a mortgage deal for you.

Our unrivalled application process is simple and takes a fraction of the time you’d have to commit when going direct to a conventional lender. During our initial telephone conversation, we note your specific requirements and from that moment on we’ll coordinate the whole mortgage process for you. We’ll speak to the lender, organise the paperwork, submit your application, coordinate your survey and ensure your mortgage offer arrives on time.

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