We can source mortgages for doctors working in the UK on a temporary visa.

Whether you are relocating to the UK from overseas, or relocating within the UK, we can source the right mortgage for you, regardless of if you are qualified, practicing or registered.


Typically, lenders frown upon mortgage applicants who have frequent address changes or non-residency, listed on their credit file. This information brings down your credit score and lenders air on the side of caution when it comes to lending up to 75% of the property purchase price.

If you are seeking a mortgage on a Highly Skilled Migrant visa and looking to borrow more than 75% of your chosen property purchase price, you will have limited mortgage options available to you. This is where the experience of a medical mortgage broker can help you. If you have a reasonable deposit, we have access got lenders who will work around temporary visas and limited UK residential history.

If you are relocating within the UK due to short-term contracts, then you may be looking to purchase a property, buy to let, or let to buy. We can help you realise your property dreams with a range of mortgage options that factor in to account limited deposit contributions and not get hung up on the fact you don’t have a long-term contract.

Call one of our medical mortgage brokers to discuss your personal mortgage requirements today on 01656 749902.

For out of hours or weekends, email us at info@doctorsmortgagesonline.co.uk

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