Selling you home in Winter can be more attractive than you think!

The misconception that the months in the run-up to Christmas are not a favourable time to sell your home, means that many homebuyers miss out on a host of properties that enter the market during November and December.

Several studies have also shown that, on average, homes listed during these months are in fact more likely to sell more quickly and closer to the asking price.

Here are our top four reasons why Winter is the best time to sell your home:

Lower house prices

Trends show that UK house prices drop to an annual low in December, quite possibly due to the fact that there are less people looking. Why not make the most of this opportunity and start looking to see if your dream home is sat amongst the December stocks?!

Less marketplace competition

Many people will hold off putting their house on the market until the new year, thinking that will attract the best audience and not wanted to disrupt home-life with viewings in the run up to Christmas. Other sellers who have had houses on the market through the summer will take them off the market in a bit to look fresh to new eyes in the new year.

This significantly reduces the competition, and serious buyers in these months can only look at what is out there for them during this time.

More motivated buyers

Spring and summer selling popularity comes from the fact that parents like to tie in a move with the start of a new school year. However, over half of UK homebuyers are single and won’t be governed by this schedule.

Buyers looking in November and December are likely to be in a situation where they have looked all season and not found anything or buying because they really need to buy due to work, or other reasons. If your house is on the list, then they are poised ready to check it out!

Smoother buying process

Christmas spirit will be in full swing in December, sellers will be serious ones and things are generally quieter for estate agents and specialist mortgage brokers. The process can be smooth, quick and painless in these months compared with the rest of the year and you may even find yourself able to negotiate a bargain!

Get yourself mortgage ready

If you are considering selling your home this Winter, then you need to know exactly what house your can set your sights on? Our specialist medical mortgage brokers can let you know what mortgage you can afford within minutes over the phone, based on answering a few questions. Call Doctors Mortgages Online on 01656 332600 today.